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Testimonials of QualityRights in Mental Health Beneficiaries

QualityRights has made me aware of my rights as a person living with Bipolar disorder

Bright Tavi, qrghana

QualityRights has really impacted so much on me after going through the e-training and face to face training of trainers workshop at Ho. As a person who uses psychiatric services in Ghana and also a health practitioner, I have learnt a lot on how to relate with people in order to promote peace at my workplace and beyond. QualityRights has made me aware of my right as a person who is living with Bipolar disorder. I am glad to introduce other people to the QualityRights especially friends with a psychosocial, cognitive or intellectual disability.”

Bright Tavi
Person living with Bipolar, and a Nurse

QualityRights for Mental Health has broadened my knowledge

Deborah Aba Eturu, CHAG

Getting trained as a QualityRights advocate has broadened my knowledge on how to manage my clients who seek mental health services. I have realized that respecting the “Wills” and “Preference ” of people with mental health, intellectual and psychosocial challenges is key and the way to go and not managing them in “my best interest “.

Deborah Aba Eturu
Head of Mental Health Unit, Methodist Hospital, CHAG

A call for holistic situational analysis of the current mental health system

The QualityRights in mental health ToT program offers understanding of the human rights of people with psychosocial, intellectual or cognitive disabilities and emphasizes the need to respect those rights, regardless of the mental capacity of the individual. In other words, the legal capacity, being inherent right of all persons being equal before the law, should be upheld and respected at all times and devoid of discrimination. The new knowledge of QualityRights calls for the need for a holistic situational analysis of the current health system for people with disabilities , and the development of strategies, for the implementation of the principles of QualityRights.”

Lawrence Nubienyo (Dr)
Passion for Total Care

Great to see the spirit of collaboration

Jasmine Kalha, QualityRights Ghana

Delighted to be in Ghana for WHO QualityRights training! Great to see the spirit of collaboration between local partners being fully supported by the Ministry of Health, and international partners. This will enable the ownership and sustainability of the project!

Jasmine Kalha
International Facilitator, QualityRights Qujurat

Quality and Rights should not be an exemption in securing effective mental health care in Ghana

Respect for human rights of every individual, including persons living with psychosocial, intellectual and cognitive disabilities is crucial. This is because there is convincing evidence for positive recovery outcomes when people are empowered to take charge of decisions concerning their lives.

Quality and rights should therefore not be an exemption in securing effective mental health care in Ghana, as well as in all other countries across the globe.”

Akosua Serwaah Bonsu
Regional Mental Health Cordinator, Eastern Region

I realized my lapses after the QualityRights e-training

The e-training is very essential for our work, though I have a bit of training in child disability issues, I realized that many a times, parents and teachers makes decisions for their children without consulting them. Going through the e-training, I realized that these children need to be involved in the decision making, so it doesn’t look like they don’t have a choice. It is even not about the certificate, but I identified some lapses I will need to correct as a coach”

Gabriel Kwasi Nkpawie
Coach, Children With Intellectual Disabilities

QualityRights applies in daily life and practices

QualityRights in Mental Health Ghana e-training

The e-training itself challenges you – not only at an ideological level but also at a practical level. The
training builds up as the modules progress. The best part about the training is that it allows you to
understand HOW to apply rights in daily life and practices – ideas and concepts that may seem vague
and absurd to others. The training goes into details of what each stakeholder can do to uphold the rights of people with psychosocial, cognitive and intellectual disabilities.”

Bless Takyi
Mental Health Nurse, Nkwanta District Hospital, Oti Region

With the right support and inclusion we can do better

Isaac Otchere, Special Olympics Ghana

Disability is not inability.In this life if a child is born with an intellectual disability (ID) it doesn’t mean that child cannot do anything for the society. We ( persons living with intellectual disability) can do something for the society, so you just support us to and we can be perfect”

Isaac Otchere
Person Living with ID, Dzorwulu Special School

I will fight for the rights of every service user

Mathias Tseh

After going through the Quality Rights E-training, I have realized the need to fight for the rights of these people. Some even don’t know they have rights to enjoy, much less to talk of standing up for their rights. In my fight against abuse of people with mental illness, psychosocial disability, physical disability, intellectual/cognitive disability, I’ve introduced many people to the e-training as a way of sensitization and awareness creation. This I will continue to do whilst serving as an advocate”

Mathias Tseh Abiwu
Community Mental Health Nurse, Dixcove Hospital, Western Region

My lovely wife Abiba said I have changed

Abu-Ibrahim Nikiema

Last night my lovely wife Abiba said I’ve changed; I’m more open and respectful. She noticed this few days after the QRGhana Face-to-Face Training of Trainers at Tamale (Northern Zone Training).
Thank you QualityRights Ghana for having such a positive impact on my professional and family life.”

Abu-Ibrahim Nikiema
Mental Health Nurse

The QualityRights in Mental health initiative is an eye opener

Anaba Sunday Atua, BasicNeeds Ghana

The QualityRights in Mental health project is an eye opener for me, I have gained a lot of knowledge which will influence my practice positively, especially when it has to do with my dealings with people living with mental illnesses and related disabilities. When I look back before the qualityrights project, I always say I could have done better and I know I’m going to do better working with people living with psychosocial, intellectual and cognitive disabilities”

Atua Anaba Sunday
BasicNeeds Ghana

Want better mental health services? Start your training.

Want better mental health services? Start your training.


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